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As one of the leading publishers on emerging technology topics in the power systems industries, we are committed to excellence in all stages of the publishing process, from concept to publication. Our editors look for new ideas or fresh perspectives on the existing topics of interest in the industry, and they work closely with our authors to develop insightful and impactful works.



Our authors are important to us and we want their success. We like to form a collaborative relationship with our authors, which we believe is one of the keys to successful publishing of your work. We are also committed to nurturing long-term relationships with our authors, supporting them in pursuing ways of sharing their expertise throughout their careers.



As our author, you will have the undivided attention of our expert editors who are committed to giving your work and your voice the greatest possible impact. The personal attention given to you and your work throughout the process will show you firsthand why authors choose to publish with us.

Quality is paramount


Our goal is to help you realize the potential of your work by providing editorial, production and graphical excellence. We also care deeply about the quality of our publishing. Anonymous peer review is vital to this. A thorough but fast and responsive peer review process will support you in developing your paper and ensuring the quality of your finished work.

Our dedicated team of editors and graphic design professionals is committed to developing your manuscripts into impactful papers that will grab attention of the readers both visually and through their content.


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If you would like to publish your work with us, send us your proposal at  and we will contact you with all the information on how to proceed.

Go to Author Resources section below to learn more about how you should prepare your paper and the accompanying artwork and graphics.

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APC Technologies is empowered by our commitment from subject matter experts (SMEs) from major disciplines in power system technology. These committed and experienced professionals make our Features, Perspectives, our YouTube Channel, and especially our Digital Magazines, the important source they have become for delivering content to our communities. With great, thought-provoking technical content we strive to be the “Digital Voice of the Power Industry” as trusted source of information and insight.

We rely on the TAB members to not only provide content themselves, but to also represent their companies and their profession as they review and edit technical content from other authors and experts. We consider the TAB to be the trusted advisors to our communities as the sources for editorial content, and a strategic ally in developing the themes and topics we cover on a weekly and monthly basis.

As a TAB member you should commit a minimum of two pieces and up to six pieces of editorial content, either from you personally or from someone you believe can represent the theme and topic from your company. The editorial contributions can be in the form of Feature Articles, Perspectives, Interviews or Panels. We will also call upon you to review and edit the technical components of articles within your area of expertise from time to time.

Would you like to join the board?

The industry is changing and as a media, we have a great opportunity to be the lightship assisting and supporting all stakeholders in the transition we are witnessing.

All experts with passion for discussing, writing, editing, sharing and contributing to the collection and accumulation of valuable knowledge in the industry, feel welcome to contact us.



Alan M. Ross, CRL, CMRP
Alan M. Ross, CRL, CMRPManaging Editor
Transformer maintenance and reliability
Corné Dames
Corné DamesIndependent transformer consultant
Transfomer oils
Ben Lanz
Ben LanzIEEE PES Senior Member
Power system reliability, asset management and diagnostics
Paula Čivrak
Paula ČivrakContent Editor


Diego Robalino, PhD, PMP
Diego Robalino, PhD, PMPIEEE Senior Member
Transformer condition assessment and diagnostics
Tony McGrail, PhD
Tony McGrail, PhDAsset management & Condition monitoring
Maria Lamorey
Maria LamoreyIndustrial OEM manufacturing
Edward Casserly, PhD
Edward Casserly, PhDSenior Scientist
Transformer oils
Alan Sbravati, ME, MBA
Alan Sbravati, ME, MBATransformer insulating materials
Marco Tozzi, PhD
Marco Tozzi, PhDDiagnostics and asset monitoring
Alexander Doutrelepont
Alexander DoutrelepontHigh voltage bushings & insulators
Curtus Duff
Curtus DuffPower transformer design
Traci Hopkins, IEEE
Traci Hopkins, IEEETransformer Condition Assessment
Michael Riccio, CRL, IRT CAT-1
Michael Riccio, CRL, IRT CAT-1Reliability, Electrical safety
Ed Khan
Ed KhanPower systems, Relay protection, Training
Randy Williams
Randy WilliamsBushings, medium voltage
Jeff Donato
Jeff DonatoBatteries and storage
Martin Robinson
Martin RobinsonPower systems technology and safety
Ahaed Esmaeilian
Ahaed EsmaeilianGrid edge solar
Steven Watt
Steven WattNetworking and communications for utilities, reliability
Binesh Kumar
Binesh KumarEV Charging
Allan Rienstra
Allan Rienstra Ultrasound technology

Author Resources


Before you submit your final manuscript, please read and use the Manuscript Preparation Guidelines to stylistically format your paper.

To correctly prepare the graphical images that will accompany your paper, please refer to our Graphics Preparation Guide.

We care deeply about graphical excellence of your final work and our publication. Ensuring graphical quality of the imagery that is sent to us is vital to that. It is very important that authors take time and prepare or obtain the necessary graphical material in the manner and quality prescribed by the Graphics Preparation Guide.

For all additional questions, please read Author FAQs or contact us by email at .


Author FAQs

How do I know if my topic/research is relevant for publication in TT magazine?

When you contact us at  with your proposal to submit a paper, our editors will consider your proposal and we will inform you if your proposal is accepted.

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